Sunday, May 29, 2011


I attended the Ontario Progressive Conservative "Change ahead" Convention this weekend and was pleased to witness the launch of Changebook. The Conservative plan for Ontario.

Changebook is divided into three sections,
Change to put more money in your pocket
Change to Guarantee the services you need
Change to clean up government

You may have noticed a theme.
The PC marketing strategy is all about change, because lets face it, Ontario is sick and tired of Dalton McGuinty, a recent poll showed his support hovering at about 20%.

So the Tories are marketing change, a contrast to Dalton's tax and spend ways.
So far it seems to be working; support is swinging steadily to them. I won't disect changebook page for page, you can find it at but I will go over two of my favorite bits.

Alphabet soup review. Ontario has 630 Boards and Commisions, many of which are broken or useless, Hudak promises to change that by going through each one with a simple plan. If it works, keep it, if its broken fix it, but if it can no longer justify its existance get rid of it!

One of my other favorites is his "One law for everyone" approach. Dalton has ignored illegal occupations and done nothing to prevent intimidation of citizens in their own homes. Hudak is promising to enforce the law and protect Ontario's residents.

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