Friday, May 27, 2011

Ontario Politics

Barring any extraordinary circumstances in this fall's provincial elections, this is likely to be the only post I make about Ontario's Provincial politics.

Right now, things do not look good for Premier Dalton McGuinty's Liberals. They have suffered a tremendous defeat Nationally, and their ideology has received a distinct flogging in the Municipal elections, with the former electing Stephen Harper to his first Majority, and the later electing Rob Ford as Mayor of Toronto. (where I am heading this weekend)
His party brought in the hugely unpopular HST. While I agree the HST may have been needed, and may in fact be beneficial to the Finances of Ontario, simplifying numerous things, it is unpopular. And while Tim Hudak may not offer a repeal, (for, I would guess he supports it) it is not Hudak and the Conservatives who will be eating this egg, but Dalton and his Liberals.

Another monster they will have to fight is their own eco policy. For nearly a decade now the Liberal party, Provincial and Federal, has been advocating for the environment. But increasingly Canadians are seeing that these environmental policies are less about protecting the environment, and more about crippling Canadian business.  This is partly behind the overwhelming "NO" Ontarioians have given to McGuinty's new energy plan.

But these are far from the only ways Mcguinty has alienated his voters,
he isolated the youth vote with his ridiculous driving law that would have made it illegal for teens to drive with more than one passenger, and for once, we saw the youth vote in this province really get mad and get moving. Will it bring them to the polls for the PC's this fall? Thats anyone's guess, but there will certainly be a lot of the who won't be coming out for the Liberals.

He alienated the suburbs with his pesticide laws, that made maintaining a green lawn extremely expensive, something relegated to the extreme upper class, like his own family. The unpopularity of this measure can be seen in any barber shop in the province, just go in and mention the law and you're sure to have a non stop bitchfest for at least half an hour; either from your barber or, more likely; another patron.

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