Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Canadian Cancer Society

Organizations that do not have to turn a profit often start wandering the wrong path. A private company is always guided by their objective; profit. How can they find the best way to please their customers and their stockholders. Governments departments and Non Profits however are strictly in the business of spending money. They do not have a profit to make, their money comes from taxes and donations.
This is why we have seen the Canadian Cancer Society veer so far off course in the past decade. Without the driving force of profit to keep them on task, they have lacked an overarching goal. Administration and fundraising have become their biggest expenditures. You know something is wrong with a charitable organization when it spends almost the same amount trying to bring in funds as it does actually helping people (47% of the Canadian Cancer Society's budget in 2011).  The overhead costs of running the organization are now nearly equal to the work its doing, so for every $1 you donate, 53 cents go to actually helping people. Perhaps its time to stop supporting the Canadian Cancer Society, and start supporting other charities, at least until they get their act together.

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