Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Provincial Long Gun Registry?

This fall the Conservatives will finally kill the Long Gun Registry. Good riddance, its been hanging around for far too long, sucking up our tax dollars and frustrating our honest citizens, while not making a lick of difference for our criminals or madmen.

Now Quebec is contemplating their own Francophone boondoggle?
Lets look at how something like a gun registry can work. By definition it tries to account for all firearms, and link each individual firearm to a person. The problem, of course, is that in order to be enforced, you must have a control on the importation and manufacture of firearms. Quebec could certainly ensure that all firearms manufactured in Quebec were registered, but how would they prevent importation from other provinces? Short of setting up border checkpoints (Unconstitutional, as well as ridiculous.) Neither Quebec nor any other province can stop the importation of anything from other provinces. Any Quebec resident wishing to own a non registered firearm could simply buy it from someone out of province. Their registry will only work for those who wish to register their firearms, and will have an even lower compliance rate then the federal one. 

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