Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Free My Grapes

Conservative Member of Parliament Dan Albas recently introduced a new private member’s bill, C-311 to the House of Commons. The Bill will end a prohibition era law that outlaws the interprovincial trade of wine by individuals. This is the sort of legislation I think we can expect to see from the Conservative Party over the next four years. Slow rollback measures, a bad law here, a silly regulation there. Slowly undoing the last century of big government. Interestingly though, the bill has gained a measure of support from other parties. When contacted, local (Victoria-Sydney)Liberal MP Mark Eyking lent his support saying “I think the Bill makes sense. Why can’t we ship wine from the Valley over to New Brunswick or Ontario?” Backed by strong Conservative support, along with members from the Liberal and Green Parties, expect this bill to sail through the House of Commons untroubled.

You can tweet about this with #freemygrapes the Bill's sponsor is @DanAlbas

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