Sunday, November 6, 2011

Less yapping, more scrapping

That is what one Canadian gun owner, who wished to remain anonymous had to say about Bill C-19. Friends, there has been a lot of fuss over the Conservative’s Parliamentary bill to end the Long Gun Registry. It’s all a big noise and light show now though. The Coalition for Gun Control can scream till they’re blue in the face, but Harper and his Conservative majority have no reason to listen. Eliminating the Long Gun Registry was one of the Conservatives campaign promises and it has been for years. It’s something they’ve used to motivate their base, and it will now be a reward for the people who spent long hard hours volunteering on the Harper campaign nationwide.
                The Loyal Opposition can whine and moan as much as they like, but apart from a few raising valid points (Dennis Bevington, MP for Western Artic noted during second reading that the “Safe Storage” provisions in the Firearms Act should be removed, or at least decriminalized.) they will be ignored and the bill will be passed. Rest assured, the registration of Long Guns in Canada is definitively, over. 

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