Tuesday, January 10, 2012

In support of Ron Paul

This was written for a pro Perry audience of Americans.
I'm just going to weigh in quickly here in favour of Paul. Everyone on this board seems to love his domestic policy, but they're all very frustrated with his foreign policy, especially RE: Israel. I'm pretty sure Israel will be alright without American help for four years. Israel won its last few wars with its neighbours handily, and without American help. I'm confident that they can survive on their own for four years while Paul sorts out your country's domestic issues. Furthermore, they won't be alone. Canada doesn't make nearly as strong a defensive ally as the United States, but we don't have nearly as many commitments either. Our Prime Minister, Harper, is a Conservative, and is staunchly pro-Israel, to the point that there has been talk of a mutual defence pact in the past year. Rest assured that if Iran declares war on Israel, Canada will send forces to assist Israel. Canada's military budget is $21.8 Billion, Israel's is $13 Billion, Iran's is only $7 Billion. Even if Iran does develop a nuclear weapon, Israel does not require the US to provide nuclear deterrent, they have that themselves. And Israel is perfectly capable of eliminating Iran's nuclear program any time they want to. 

When you're considering who to give the nomination to, don't discount Paul on account of Israel, Israel will still exist in 2016, regardless of who the President is.

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