Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It's for your own good.

That’s the frequent refrain of big government busy bodies everywhere. They seem to think that they know better than you about everything. From how you should drive, what sort of house you should live in, what sort of firearms you can own to their latest crusade. Sugar. A recent report by U.S. scholar Robert Lustig is calling for an alcohol like limit on sugar, saying it shouldn’t be sold to anyone under the age of 17. Is there nothing these people won’t try to ban? First it was alcohol, with prohibition, we all saw how that worked out. Then the drug war, which is still costing billions and creating pointless across the country. They targeted guns with useless programs like the Long Gun Registry, soon to be wiped out for good. Now sugar? When will bureaucrats learn that controlling people, trying to use regulations to modify their behaviour, doesn’t work? A study may show that eating sugar is bad for you, indeed, many do. But that doesn’t mean that it is any of the government’s business to tell you what you can or can’t eat, nor what companies can or can’t sell you. If Dairy Queen wants to sell us sugar on a stick, and we want to buy it, that’s our business, not some Ottawa bureaucrat’s. It’s time to stop accepting these people’s “Good Intentions” and demand your freedom back. Freedom to have a drink, smoke a joint, or eat a chocolate bar without “Big Brother” looking over your shoulder.

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