Tuesday, March 20, 2012

As you might imagine I engaged in St. Patrick's day festivities this weekend. We indulged in copious quantities of alcohol, played party games, and generally acted like silly college students.
Want to know what we didn't do? Throw a bloody riot. 
I'm rather upset that people continue to do this. Canadians in general like to hold ourselves in a good light, we know that our country is a global leader in economic strength, we know our crime rates are generally low, and our people are thought of as polite. 
We know that the Greeks or the French will riot, because those countries have so abdicated the individual of responsibility that there are essentially entire countries of spoiled children, but to think that Canadians would do this. 
It wasn't the first time either. Fleming is a perennial problem for our city, and not one to which there is a quick solution. 

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