Wednesday, March 14, 2012

China's Mighty Dragon

China has recently released some pictures of it's new stealth fighter. The J-20 "Mighty Dragon", and I must say, the name seems fitting.

While not as agile as the U.S. F-22, the J-20 does have it's advantages. The J-20 carries more fuel and has a longer range than it's U.S. equivalent, it also carries significantly more firepower. With a very large weapons bay, and two smaller lateral weapons bays the J-20 packs a devastating punch.

What's more, production is well ahead of schedule. In 2009, General He Weirong said he didn't expect the J-20 to be operational until 2017-19, but at the rate the plane is currently advancing we could see them in service earlier than that. A contrast to NATO's F-35 program which is plagued with delays and cost overruns.

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