Friday, March 30, 2012

Gary Breitkreuz under fire

Tory MP Garry Breitkreuz has come under fire recently for comments he made to high school students. He simply told them that firearms are not inherently evil, and that people who are armed are less likely to be victims. He especially encouraged females to be armed because their smaller stature makes them easier targets for crime, especially rape. Apparently he offended their sensibilities. Good. 

Our generation has grown up far too coddled, far too removed from the realities of a world that can be a very harsh place. Every day there are people fight and dying in wars across the world, while half our teenagers can't tell you the name of their own Prime Minister, much less the dictators who are oppressing thousands. 
So when Garry gets up in front of a class of teenagers and speaks to them its not surprising he might upset some of them with the simple truth. 
What should be somewhat surprising is that Member of Parliament Judy Foote (Liberal) would promote this disregard of facts, this attitude of insulating our children from the real world well into adulthood. This sort of shrill protest against the facts is unfortunate from your youth, it's downright disgraceful from Members of Parliament. The only person who owes any apologies going out of this is Ms. Foote, she owes one to Mr. 
Breitkreuz for the things she said about him, and she owes one to the Canadian public for lowering the standard of national discourse on an important subject. 
After all, none of the people complaining about his comments are complaining about their veracity, they are complaining that they offended their precious babies feelings. 
Kids, if someone speaking plainly and honestly to you upsets you, you have some serious problems and should probably seek counselling. 

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