Sunday, March 11, 2012

Robo-Calls set to reach resolution?

For weeks the Canadian political discourse has been filled with nothing but talk about the last election, the one that happened almost a year ago now. Robo-calls this, robo-calls that; even perfectly honest and forthright robo-calls have been attacked as people have quickly lost sight of the issue and gone off on partisan attacks.

Well, RackNine and Elections Canada are closing in on a suspect, RackNine has traced the IP address to a single home, and "Pierre Poutine" has said he will come forward tomorrow(Monday, March 13th) to take responsibility for his actions. Finally.

This scandal has gone on far longer than it should have and it has robbed us of valuable time that could have been spent on any number of pressing matters of government. What should have been an Elections Canada investigation has become the national issue of the past few weeks. Finally that looks to close tomorrow, though I suppose it will only be the beginning of the trial coverage.

Hopefully we will allow Elections Canada and the courts to sort out this mess from here on, and we can return the national discourse to more important subjects, like the construction of the Northern Gateway pipeline, or the increasingly volatile situation in the Middle East.

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