Saturday, March 10, 2012

War with Iran?

Pressure continues to mount for a war with Iran,  a German Newspaper is now reporting that Iran may have conducted nuclear tests in North Korea in 2010.
Regardless of the veracity of the information, it raises an interesting question that we should examine. Why are we so headstrong to invade Iran over nuclear weapons, yet not North Korea? Both countries are run by arguably insane dictators, both countries have expressed malicious intent against our allies repeatedly. But North Korea has acted on it's statements, in recent years South Korea has been shelled by Northern artillery, and had one of their warships sunk. We're willing to tolerate these engagements and incidents, with a rouge state that is armed with nuclear weapons. No one is clamouring for war with North Korea, not even an air strike on their nuclear facilities.
Why then, are we so eager to go to war with Iran? A country that does not have nuclear weapons but might be trying to develop them? How can we say that thousands of Iranians must die for their government's actions, but thousands of North Koreans may live despite the actions of their's? We need to be a little more consistent about what does and does not qualify you for bombing runs.
The message that we need to send to Tehran is simple. If you attack us, or one of our allies, the response will be military, it will be overwhelming, and it will be complete.
If they attack.
So long as Iran does not engage our forces or those of our ally Israel, we cannot start another decade long desert war because we fear they might have a nuclear weapon. We lived with the Soviets having nuclear weapons for the entire Cold War.

Even when your opponent is armed with nuclear weapons, peace is possible. We have to remember that, lest we watch innocent civilians die every night on the six o clock news for another decade. We just have to use restraint.

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