Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bill C-322 has been introduced, it's a private members bill by the NDP's  Alex Atamanenko, and, as might be expected of a Dipper's bill, it's an attack on our freedom. This time on the freedom to raise, import and export horse meat for human consumption. 
The purpose of government is to protect the people, from external threats with the armed forces, and from internal crime with peace officers and a court system. Horse meat is a threat to no one, so why does the NDP want to ban it?

Simple; they find it distasteful. They think that because the thought of eating horse meat makes them personally squeamish, all Canadians should be prevented from eating it, or participating in it's production for international markets. 

Luckily we've had a recent precedent for how to deal with people's squeamishness. When homosexual marriages were first proposed many radical elements of Religious groups felt uncomfortable by the idea. Even though the marriage of two consenting adults would affect them in no way, they felt that they had a God given right to prevent these people from engaging in consensual acts. 

We as a society knew better. We need to remember now what we knew then, that no matter how uncomfortable something makes you, it should not be illegal unless it does harm to someone.
If I own a horse, I may decide to kill it, in a humane way of course. If I do so I now own horse meat. Why should it be illegal for me to sell that meat to people who wish to eat it

Just like with Gay Marriage, it's not right for the government to ban something just because it makes some people uncomfortable. Disagree with the consumption of horse meat all you want. Boycott restaurants that serve it if you so choose! But do not ban it! The last thing this country needs is further regulation!

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