Sunday, April 1, 2012


 I will fully admit that I didn't expect Justin Trudeau to win his boxing match last night. I was completely blindsided by his victory, but it changes things, and it changes them significantly. Justin won the boxing match, after taking a beating in the first round, he dominated the second round, and finished Brazeau off in the third round, winning a TKO victory

In doing so Trudeau beat stunning odds, bookies had him down by 3-1, and a special poll of the Canadian public showed more than 70% of people expected him to lose. Going into the fight, the question wasn't who would win, it was if Trudeau would be injured. 
But win he did, he's now a hero, a dragon slayer. Levant has been calling him "The Pretty Pony" seems like 
Ezra may have gotten it wrong; Justin may be the Liberal Party's white knight.

It's that celebrity status, that star power, charisma, good looks, everything. Justin Trudeau is exactly what the Liberal party needs, and he knows it. The Liberal Leadership race is now all but settled, Justin Trudeau has finally come of age and is ready to inherit his father's party.

And I'm ready to endorse him.

I had some reservations doing so of course. I'm firmly in support of firearms rights, and the Liberals are not, but I believe that Justin Trudeau respects at the very least Canada's hunting heritage. He proved this when he stood up to PETA over his Christmas cards in 2011.

The organization attacked Trudeau for his use of fur, which he defended citing Canada's fur trading history.

More importantly though, I think that Justin will be able to unite a divided Canada and bring us all closer together. I support Justin Trudeau for Prime Minister of Canada.  


  1. I was very pleased to hear Ezra change his tune and call him a "Stallion" at the end of the fight. Very proud of Justin, and I think his time to lead is coming soon. :)

  2. hahahaha. Happy April Fool's Day, my Conservative friend. I don't think I could even type those words in jest.