Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Take someone shooting.

As Canadians our firearms freedoms are constantly under threat, the left in this country always seeks to demonize firearms and their owners. Of course the greatest defense against such actions is numbers, both of firearms owners, and of people who have a positive attitude towards firearms. As such I try to take new people shooting frequently. Of the dozens of people I have introduced to shooting since I became a gun owner 2 years ago I think my fondest experience was taking Sanja Ivkov shooting on a crisp fall day in the woods near my uncle's farm. We brought my favourite firearm, a Remington 1100 classic trap model. 12 gauge, semi automatic. We used improvised targets, cans and boxes mostly, a bottle of Coca Cola. The crisp air, the sharp crack of the powder, the smell of the gun smoke. 
If you haven't introduced someone to shooting lately you should; those days can become memories just as cherished as the memory of a successful hunt. 

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