Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The garden begins!

Time for a change of pace! Let's talk gardens!

As some of you may know, my family has a history with gardens. My Grandmother maintained large gardens on the family farm, and later a beautiful walled courtyard garden in her condo, my father and his brother ran Springbank Garden Centre for nearly a decade, and my Aunt Yvonne managed a beautiful garden on her country property and wrote a fantastic blog, as well as a published book about it. (Check out for more on that) 

I've no plans to become even half as accomplished as these various master gardeners in my family, but I am hoping to grow my own salad vegetables this year. Sadly, I'm living in an apartment and I lack a yard, or indeed, even a balcony on which to grow plants. 

I'm not going to let that deter me however, on Saturday I picked up 4 modular "living wall" panels which I have mounted beside my closet. 

It gets about an hour of sunlight each day, bright and early in the morning, the rest of the day it gets the ambient light from the window across from it. As such I've primarily planted various salad greens on the wall.   Mainly various types of lettuce and spinach, as well as some herbs, and even a few snowpeas, though I'm uncertain how well they will do.
I purchased the modular wall units for $5 a piece off of Kijiji, the seeds and soil for this garden were bought at Loblaws, with their 10% student discount on a Tuesday for a total cost of $23, bringing this garden's entire cost to $43. Not half bad.

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