Friday, October 12, 2012

Feel good about doing business with Federal Ammunition

I'm going to take a little time over the next few weeks to tell you about some companies I really enjoy doing business with.

These are companies that all excel at their first and most important mission, making a profit by delivering a valuable service to consumers at a reasonable price as determined by the market; but they're also companies that go the extra mile, usually in their promotions but sometimes also in their hiring policies, or workplace ethics.

The first company I'd like to mention is Federal Premium Ammunition, in operation since 1922 (Then referred to as Federal Cartridge Company), the good folks at Federal had an innovative marketing department from the very beginning. When they began to enter the market they recognized that older more established companies had better brand recognition and that their products would sell poorly by comparison in gun stores, hunting shops and outfitters.

So Federal put their products elsewhere. They set up a distribution chain in barber shops, grocery stores, and gas stations. Federal ammunition was not only affordable, it was convenient. You didn't have to travel to a gun shop to buy it, you could pick up a box of shells on your way to the duck pond when you stopped for some petrol. It was a genius marketing move and Federal quickly became one of the better known brands in the US.

Fast forward to the present time, Federal still manufactures excellent ammunition (I staunchly refuse to use other brands in my Remington 1100) and their prices remain very reasonable; but that innovative marketing department has a few new tricks up their sleeve.

Most notably they have a promotion going on with their very popular Top Gun target loads, boxes of Top Gun target loads being offered in pink (both the box and the shot shells) to support breast cancer research. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these boxes of shells will go directly to support research in this important field. It's a great way to raise funds for a good cause, and also a great way to improve the image of not only Federal Premium Ammunition, but by extension, the shooting community in general.

If you're going to shoot some clay targets, pick up a box of Federal Top Gun ammunition, enjoy some of the best ammo on the market, and support a good cause. Here's a hat tip to Federal Premium Ammunition, doing it right since 1922.

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