Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's not up to us to decide when the X-Games become too dangerous.

Dan Lebowitz at Northeastern University would have us ask if the X-Games have become too dangerous. While there is no question that participating in extreme sports can sometimes result in extreme injuries, or even death, it's not a decision for a college professor from Northeastern to make. Neither is it a decision for you, me and the rest of the electorate to vote upon. It's a decision each individual athlete has to make. As a gun owner who enjoys shooting pistols, semi automatics and 'Assault Weapons' I know how it feels to have your passion targeted by the Nanny State for elimination because of its perceived danger. I stand with the extreme athletes who will increasingly find their sports under attack even as they gain popularity. I urge everyone to remember that it is the choice of individual athletes to participate in these sports, and that they do so willingly, because for these brave men and women, the benefits they derive from their sports outweigh the risks. For following their passions and always striving to do better, I salute them.

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