Saturday, June 1, 2013

Repeal Day

Today marks 86 years since the end of alcohol prohibition in the Province of Ontario. I will be celebrating the repeal of this terribly flawed attempt at social engineering later tonight with some good friends and strong drinks.

But in our current 'drug war' it is worth considering that this has all been tried before, and that nearly the exact same arguments now made to defend the prohibitions on Marijuana, LSD and Opium were used nearly a hundred years ago to ban alcohol. With startlingly similar effects.

The trade in alcohol at the time, and other recreational drugs now were and are simply pushed into the black market. Instead of being controlled by brewers and distillers, farmers and chemists, they are instead controlled by all manners of organised criminals, unafraid to use violence and coercion in their other operations, and to use the proceeds of their trade in drugs to fund criminal empires.

The solution to the crime problems of prohibition are simple and hugely cost efficient. Just repeal prohibition. As Ontario did for alcohol in 1927, and as Colorado and Washington did for marijuana in 2012. Let's keep the ball rolling and repeal some more prohibition here in Canada.

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